Summer Drinks with Retro Flair

Neon meets pastel in this trio of cocktails

It’s still summer, folks! I say that because everywhere I look there are retail signs of fall. Fall wardrobes, back-to-school supplies, and soon, the bins of pumpkins that always appear in early September at my favorite grocery market. But in my part of the world, the temps are still around 100 degrees, and they will be for the next few weeks. That’s why I’m starting a mini-series of posts called “The Last Sips of Summer”…

Retro Roundup: Color and Form

Retro Roundup 1 header

Hi Everyone! Today we begin a new series called Retro Roundup. Every couple of weeks, we’ll take a look at the latest news and creative endeavors of the “recent retro” nature. This includes items from decades past, as well as new ways that retro style is emerging in today’s world of fashion, art, design and pop culture. Kind of a “check this out” celebration! We also invite you to add your discoveries in the comments section below. And now for our first installment…

10 Modern IKEA Items for Under $50

IKEA header

Last night my hubby and I went to IKEA to try and find a small media console. While we’re still figuring out what we want in that department, I was happily distracted by a slew of affordable finds throughout the store. Today I feature 10 of my favorites, all of which are under $50, and most of which are much less than that! These items definitely have a retro-meets-modern look, which is why I love them. Read on for more details…

DIY Geo Paper Art

Paper art with a gradient

Today I’m sharing a sneak peek at a DIY geo paper art project I created for Decoist. It’s super easy and lots of fun! All you need is paper, a cutting tool (scissors or a paper trimmer will do), and the adhesive of your choice. There are no set rules–only the joy of arranging and rearranging colorful cut paper!

A Summer Party with Tropical Style

Festive drink umbrella centerpiece

If you love design like I do, you’ve probably eagerly anticipated the arrival of the fall collections in both the decor and fashion realms. Add back-to-school advertising, and it’s easy to forget that it IS in fact still summer. And for some of us, the summer heat will last through September! In that spirit, this past Friday, I put together a little summer party with some colorful supplies I’ve been collecting. The theme: tropical.

Got My Eye On…

Eye one header

Happy Friday, Everyone! I love browsing the new fall collections, as well as my favorite sources for retro finds. Today I’m sharing a few of my top picks. From jewelry to home decor, these items celebrate clean lines and bold colors. Read on for more details…

The Hatch by Studio Toogood

The Hatch by Studio Toogood

Earlier this week, I profiled Studio Toogood in an article I wrote for Decoist. This innovative design studio offers a full creative direction and interior design service, spanning brand development to the development of unforgettable interiors. When I came across The Hatch, a project from 2009, I was beyond excited. Truly ahead of their time, Studio Toogood built a “pop-up installation and architectural eatery…inspired by the colors and patterns of 20th century art and architecture.” Let’s take a closer look…

’80s Art Picks: Summer Escape

80s art picks header

Ready for a little escape? In this edition of ’80s Art Picks, we explore summer style with a series of retro and new finds that capture the colorful, beachy vibe of our warmest season. The brush strokes are wavy, the hues are tropical, and the lines are relaxed–like your ideal vacation!

A Geo Tile DIY Project

Marble and granite DIY tile art

Today’s DIY project is an adaptation of our original marble tile art project. Kate here, and my kitchen was in desperate need of some ’80s Modern style. Especially since the kitchen has many ’80s features already (the house was built in ’81). What a perfect opportunity for a DIY project! Many of you know about my obsession with marble tile. I’m a regular at Floor & Decor, where I’m constantly picking up tiles of all sizes to use in art projects. Today I thought we’d get a little crazy…with granite! Still with me?–ha!

Mirror80 July Favorites

July favorites header

On this second to last day of July, we’re looking back at our favorite posts from the past month. Kate here, and I’m happy to report that it’s been a month of creative inspiration, DIY projects and little trips to beachy locations. Not to mention, we celebrated our favorite television series of the summer with a viewing party concept that involves plenty of ’80s tech style. Join us as we reminisce…