Shopping Retro on Etsy

Hi Everyone! Today I thought I’d share a collection of items that represent just the type of merchandise I love hunting down on Etsy. In fact, Etsy features some pretty phenomenal shops that focus on the Recent Retro (the late ’70s through the ’90s), and even more shops that focus on a wider range of items but consistently have great ’80s finds. Some of them even include beautiful photos that are especially enticing…

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A Geo Montage Inspired by Brian Halsey

Hanging on the wall behind my dining room table are two 1980s serigraphs by artist Brian Halsey. They were a gift from my dear friend Jeff, originally on display in his father’s office during the ’80s. You can see glimpses of one Halsey serigraph at the top of this post. My new obsession: Halsey serigraphs in electric blue. In fact, they inspired today’s montage, featuring an array of geometric finds, from jewelry to minerals. Read on for more details…

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Happy Easter Weekend

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Easter weekend. If you’re having people over or assembling some delicious goodies and treats to share, the pastel-infused images above should help you celebrate. Remember, you can’t go wrong with candy colors…and candy sprinkles!

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Mirror80 Featured on Terry’s Blinds!

I’m excited to share a Designer Insights profile that Terry’s Blinds published today on their site! I was interviewed and asked about my top design picks for spring–I love the way they edited the piece and celebrated Mirror80′s passion for the decade of decadence. Curious about my top design picks? Here are the details…

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New Albums with ’80s-Style Cover Art

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! Today we take a look at three new albums that showcase some amazing ’80s-style cover art. The kind of cover art that could easily become wall art in your home! In fact, I’m currently working on an album cover montage for my entryway, and today’s selections are serious contenders…

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Celebrating the Mad Men Premiere with Rad Men 2.0

Two years ago, we shared our vision for a 1980s-set series in the tradition of AMC’s Mad Men. Our dream TV show about the Decade of Decadence would feature a Manhattan-based group of yuppies…Wall Street. Mini-blinds. Leather and chrome lobby furniture. And don’t get us started on the fashion!

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’80s Music Video Land: “Penthouse and Pavement” by Heaven 17

In honor of “Lobby Chic” Week here at Mirror80, today we shine the spotlight on the music video for “Penthouse and Pavement” by Heaven 17. From their 1981 album of the same name, this disco-influenced track is nothing short of amazing. And the video… from a glossy lobby to an office filled with ’80s-fabulous appliances and electronics, never has corporate espionage had such as retro-sleek setting.

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Marble Mania

In honor of “Lobby Chic” Week here at Mirror80, I thought I’d share a few snapshots from my ’80s-inspired bedroom. Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with marble tile. I buy it at home improvement stores and flooring retailers. The last time I went on a tile binge at Floor Decor, I left with an armful of marble pieces and paid no more than $20. What do I do with these tiles? I stack them. I lean them against the wall. Sometimes I use them in my DIY projects. The possibilities are endless…

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Create the Lobby Look at Home with ’80s-Style Art

We continue with “Lobby Chic” Week at Mirror80 by celebrating the current wave of marble- and geometry-themed artwork. Thanks to affordable sources like Society6, you can purchase amazing pieces from talented artists, including wall art, stylish pillows, shower curtains and more. Today’s featured Society6 prints celebrate the look of marble, brass and geo forms. They’re definitely of the present, yet they can’t help but evoke the decadence of a bank, office or hotel lobby. Yes, they make it possible for us to bring the lobby look home!

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’80s Hotel Lobby Love

Today we kick off “Lobby Chic” Week at Mirror80 with a tour of one of my favorite hotel lobbies of all-time: the luxurious lobby of The Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas. Built in 1986, The Renaissance was originally known as The Stouffer Hotel. As a kid, I saw this place as the epitome of luxury. It definitely shaped my interior design style. I would ride the glass elevator with my brother, and we would stop at various floors and walk laps around the open aisles while looking down at the plant-filled atrium. It doesn’t get any better than marble tile in peach and white…

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