Wild Palms

Palm leaves

Happy Friday! I spent yesterday in San Antonio, Texas, and I couldn’t stop myself from snapping pics of mall and restaurant landscaping—of the tropical variety. And then I couldn’t stop myself from over-processing the photos. Kinda ridiculous, but too much fun! Thought these images might help you sail into the weekend. Enjoy…

’80s Tumblr Inspiration: Simple and Sleek

Marble and metal

Hi Everyone! Today we begin a new series that celebrates the myriad of ’80s design images featured on our favorite Tumblrs. So many photos, so little time! It’s our goal to curate an amazing collection of interior design pics that can teach us about getting the ’80s look at home. Today’s theme: simple and sleek.

A South Padre Saturday

Neon coral

This weekend I enjoyed a sunny Saturday with family in South Padre, a barrier island along the Texas Gulf Coast. Whenever I visit a beach town, I have my camera ready to snap photos of sea and surf, tropical accents, and of course, souvenirs of the neon variety. And speaking of souvenirs, we found ourselves at Bobz World in Los Fresnos (on the way to South Padre). It’s impossible to describe this retail outlet, which also features a jungle-style garden, an arcade, and black light mini golf and mini bowl opportunities. So I’ll paint a picture with photos. Rad-tastic photos!!!

A Geo Necklace DIY Project

Geo necklace sprinkles

Today I’m excited to share Mirror80′s latest project: a DIY geo necklace. The popularity of necklaces that celebrate simple geo forms can’t be denied. The materials of choice are often wood and metal beads suspended on a chain or a leather cord. I decided to make my own geo creation using a few wooden beads, as well as some necklace remnants from my jewelry box. When it comes to geo necklaces, the possibilities are endless!

The ’80s Connection: Rick Shithouse


Today we shine the spotlight on Rick Shithouse, who caught our attention when he launched Synthetix.FM, a blog that covers 80s-inspired Synth Wave, OutRun and Dream Wave synth music. Not to mention, Rick is a photographer, a writer, a sculptor, a garage kit builder, a curator of collections, and an 80s design enthusiast. For Rick Shithouse, the true magic of the 1980s can be found in offbeat niches and interesting details. He takes the time to explore every facet of this decade and revel in its most unique elements. Read on to learn more about Rick’s original work, as well as his knack for curating the work of others, both past and present.

Summer Weekends

Weekend header

Happy Monday, Everyone! This has been the busiest summer I’ve had in a long time, but it’s also been one of the best. Lots of friends and family visiting from out of town, and lots of lazy nights outside. But not too lazy–there are always side projects in the works, like new endeavors for Mirror80. My ideal weekend involves a healthy blend of relaxation and creativity. This past weekend was just that. Today I’m sharing a few snapshots…

’80s Music Video Land: “A Forest” by The Cure

A Forest header

Welcome to our 5th installment of ’80s Music Video Land, a series that explores the look and feel of our favorite videos from The Decade of Decadence. Today’s featured video: “A Forest” by The Cure. There’s something about early Cure videos that takes us to another place. If you haven’t yet checked out selections like “Let’s Go to Bed” and “The Walk,” do yourself a favor and give them a look.

Bloc Necklaces from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Bloc Necklace header

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! This will be the first of several posts featuring the mind-blowing creations of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, the Seattle-based design studio founded by Dylan Davis and Jean Lee. We love the way their pieces celebrate the magical pairing of bold geometry and powerful materials such as metal, marble and mirrors. The offerings: home decor, lighting, jewelry and more. And speaking of jewelry, there’s nothing like a good geo necklace!

Etsy on a Budget: ’80s Finds for $10 or Less!

Plastic and wood geometric necklace from MPLSVintage

Over the long weekend, I found an old Etsy gift card with a remaining balance of $12.57. For a few minutes, I wondered what I could possibly purchase with an amount so small, but my doubts were quickly put on hold when I searched for affordable ’80s art and jewelry finds. As it turns out, there are even some amazing Etsy finds for $10 and under. We’re talking edgy, eye-catching items that are in great condition. Check out my current favorites…

A Halt and Catch Fire Viewing Party

halt header

Today we’re sharing our latest edition of Retro Foodie: a Halt and Catch Fire viewing party. It’s no secret that this new AMC series is our favorite television experience of the summer. We’ve chronicled our top reasons to watch, and now we celebrate the show’s ’70s-meets-’80s aesthetic by reveling in the early days of the PC revolution while munching on our favorite snacks. Classic junk food gets a culinary upgrade in this party concept. Read on for all the details…