Retro-Modern Roundup: New Memphis Arrivals

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Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? I’m working on a new DIY project, trying to reorganize the home office and doings LOTS of yardwork. There will definitely be time for happy hour on the patio! But first things first. Today I’m launching a new series: Retro-Modern Roundup. A couple times a month, I’ll be sharing the latest in new design developments that reference the past. Today it’s all about texture and the New Memphis movement, also known as Modern Memphis. If you like what you see above, read on for details and links…

Pastel Accessories and Decor with Memphis-Milano Style

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One of my favorite aspects of Memphis-Milano design is the shocking combination of colors. When bright red meets lavender and aqua, pure magic is created. But what about the picture-perfect blend of pastels with a dash of vivid yellow? Today’s featured finds celebrate the tropical-toned side of Memphis, when everything comes together in a soothing blend, yet there’s just enough geometry and offbeat radiance to wake you up. Check out these fabulous new offerings…

Memphis-Milano Pottery from Recreation Center

Ceramics with Memphis-Milano style from Recreation Center

Of all the ’80s interior design styles to make a comeback, Memphis-Milano has been the most popular. By far! In fact, a new take on this cutting-edge design movement has evolved–a style we at Mirror80 like to call the New Memphis. Today’s post celebrates the fact that New Memphis design has found its way to the world of ceramics, thanks to Recreation Center. Ready to see more?…

Retro Roundup: The New Memphis

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It’s an exciting time to be a Memphis-Milano aficionado! Due to the ongoing revival of this popular ’80s design style, a whole new wave of Memphis mania has emerged. Memphis design often makes an appearance in still life photography. Plus, some of the original Memphis Group designers (such as Nathalie Du Pasquier) are helping to create a fresh batch of products for a new generation. Not to mention, iconic Memphis pieces are being sold alongside the Memphis-style work of new designers through retailers such as Memphis Design Store.

The Hatch by Studio Toogood

The Hatch by Studio Toogood

Earlier this week, I profiled Studio Toogood in an article I wrote for Decoist. This innovative design studio offers a full creative direction and interior design service, spanning brand development to the development of unforgettable interiors. When I came across The Hatch, a project from 2009, I was beyond excited. Truly ahead of their time, Studio Toogood built a “pop-up installation and architectural eatery…inspired by the colors and patterns of 20th century art and architecture.” Let’s take a closer look…

Mirror80 June Favorites

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On this last day of June, we at Mirror80 are taking a look back at our favorite moments from the past month. For us, June was all about celebrating art, design, and our favorite new television show, Halt and Catch Fire. In July, expect TWO Retro Foodie posts featuring ’80s-style summer party concepts, a couple of DIY projects that revel in modern geometry, and more of your favorite features on retro-meets-modern art, fashion and design. Read on for some unforgettable June highlights:

A Memphis-Milano Exhibition in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis chair

If you’re searching for a summer trip destination, we highly encourage you to visit Memphis, Tennessee. We’re calling it Memphis in Memphis. Why? Because until July 13th, Memphis’ Dixon Gallery and Gardens is hosting an exhibition titled Memphis-Milano: 1980s Italian Design. Featuring the extensive collection of photographer Dennis Zanone, this exhibit includes the work of designers like Ettore Sottsass, Marco Zanini and Nathalie du Pasquier.

5 New Finds with Memphis-Milano Style


I love it when I come across new pieces that channel one of my favorite ’80s design movements of all time: Memphis-Milano! If you know where to look, you can find new items with Memphis style at all times these days–and you couldn’t always say that about 1980s motifs. It will be interesting to see if other ’80s movements receive the same respect. Watching the 1980s revival unfold in the realm of interior design sure is fascinating!

The Photography of Richie Talboy

Still life from the Summer Olympics series by Richie Talboy

This post is long overdue! Today we shine the spotlight on Richie Talboy, a Brooklyn-based photographer who incorporates candy hues and retro-meets-modern motifs into his work. We’re not going to confine this talented artist to ’80s revival territory. After all, not all of his work references grids, pastels and Memphis-Milano style. But we sure love the selections that do! See his catalog of projects here, and check out some our favorites from the last couple of years below…

So Sottsass!

It's So Sottsass at Darkroom

I have artist Dominic Joyce to thank for this post! Last week he brought today’s featured installation to my attention… London decor retailer Darkroom is currently honoring the work of Memphis-Milano designer Ettore Sottsass with an in-store tribute featuring a limited edition collection. The participants include the likes of Studiopepe, Jamie Julien-Brown, Stone Theatre and more. Titled “So Sottsass,” the installation includes upscale items such as marble trays, totem lights and hand painted ceramics, along with more affordable offerings such as wrapping paper. Check out the delicious finds below…