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5 New Finds with Memphis-Milano Style

I love it when I come across new pieces that channel one of my favorite ’80s design movements of all time: Memphis-Milano! If you know where to look, you can find new items with Memphis style at all times these days–and you couldn’t always say that about 1980s motifs. It will be interesting to see if other ’80s movements receive the same respect. Watching the 1980s revival unfold in the realm of interior design sure is fascinating!

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The Photography of Richie Talboy

This post is long overdue! Today we shine the spotlight on Richie Talboy, a Brooklyn-based photographer who incorporates candy hues and retro-meets-modern motifs into his work. We’re not going to confine this talented artist to ’80s revival territory. After all, not all of his work references grids, pastels and Memphis-Milano style. But we sure love the selections that do! See his catalog of projects here, and check out some our favorites from the last couple of years below…

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So Sottsass!

I have artist Dominic Joyce to thank for this post! Last week he brought today’s featured installation to my attention… London decor retailer Darkroom is currently honoring the work of Memphis-Milano designer Ettore Sottsass with an in-store tribute featuring a limited edition collection. The participants include the likes of Studiopepe, Jamie Julien-Brown, Stone Theatre and more. Titled “So Sottsass,” the installation includes upscale items such as marble trays, totem lights and hand painted ceramics, along with more affordable offerings such as wrapping paper. Check out the delicious finds below…

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Retro Foodie: A Memphis-Milano Menu

Today we celebrate the radiant color-fest at the heart of Memphis-Milano design, a movement that began with the formation of the Italy-based Memphis Group in 1981. The goal: to challenge the conventions of “tasteful” design. The result: bold colors and playful geometry. Memphis-Milano pieces are highly collectible, and a whole new generation of fans has formed with the passage of time. Also of interest is the large number of food-oriented pictures that juxtapose Memphis-Milano images on ’80s-style Tumblrs. We’re talking ice cream with sprinkles, squiggles of mustard on juicy hamburgers and much more. Today we channel the wonders of Memphis-style junk food in our latest edition of Retro Foodie!

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Memphis-Milano Monday!

Hi Everyone! This weekend I completed Part I of the latest Retro Foodie photo shoot. And yes, it’s Memphis-Milano inspired. You can see a sneak preview with the plate of donuts above. What’s better than donuts covered with chocolate icing? Donuts covered with chocolate icing and sprinkles! In fact, the sprinkle motif is the inspiration for today’s montage. We’re sure you’ll enjoy all of the tasty, colorful goodness. Stay tuned for the rest of the photo shoot images on Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy today’s pics, which prove that whether you’re talking about furniture, art or food, great design in delicious!

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A Memphis-Milano Mood Board

Have you been following our Retro Foodie series? Each month we create a foodscape based on an eye-catching aspect of New Retro design. Earlier this month, we featured an ’80s yuppie-style cocktail party that included swanky drinks and decadent appetizers. We’re already planning next month’s affair, a junk food fest that celebrates Memphis-Milano style! Today’s mood board channels the look we’re going for, which involves plenty of colorful drinks, various ice cream treats with sprinkles, and of course, my High Spirits dinnerware from Mikasa…

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80s pastel interior design finds

’80s Pastel Power

While researching pastel interior design for another article, I came across images of sky-themed wallpaper, flamingos and other ’80s-fabulous motifs. To my surprise, the source of origin for these pics was a 2010 article from The Guardian! And it seems some of the featured products are still available for purchase. Because when you combine a pink bird with a Memphis-Milano color palette, it just doesn’t get any better…

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Earth Girls Are Easy

Friday Video Pick–DIY Makeover Edition: “Brand New Girl” by Julie Brown

Mirror80 wraps up DIY week with a makeover-themed music video from the movie Earth Girls Are Easy starring Geena Davis and Julie Brown. Stylistically, the film channels that magical blend of Mid-Century style and ’80s Modern flair. In the video for “Brand New Girl,” characters dance around a beauty shop that combines elements of 1950s decor and 1980s motifs a la Memphis-Milano design. Let the film’s sets inspire you and the makeover mood empower you to embrace DIY magic in the realms of interior design and fashion.

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1980s Postmodern Design

The Return of 1980s Postmodern Design

This past weekend, our friends at The 80s Gallery were featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article titled “Collectors Give 80s Postmodernist Design 2nd Look.” The piece, written by Bertrand Pellegrin, celebrates the return of bright, bold and shiny 1980s furniture and collectibles.

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An '80s-style dessert

Pic Fix: Our Favorite Images

For today’s Pic Fix, we’ve grabbed our favorite images from past Mirror80 blog posts for a snapshot of 1980s style. From a colorful dessert to a celebration of album cover graphics, these pics reflect the vibrancy and geometry of ’80s design.

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