Pic Fix: An ’80s Tumblr Roundup

’80s artwork by Martin Schreiber

One of the biggest surprises of the ’80s style revival has been the birth of the ’80s Tumblr. When I started this blog two years ago, I never could have foreseen the extent to which Tumblr would fuel a love of ’80s design. Yet it has been one of my greatest joys, as ’80s art and design images are now abundant and accessible to the masses. In the spirit of celebrating the 1980s Tumblr phenomenon, we’ll be reveling in Tumblr pics from time to time, bringing you the best that enthusiasts of our favorite decade have to offer. Today is no exception…

We start with the image at the top of this post, which comes to us from the uber-popular Tumblr 80s Art. This is seriously the most comprehensive and well-sourced ’80s art Tumblr we’ve found, as reflected in this wonderfully geometric piece by Martin Schreiber (above). Speaking of geometry, below we see one of Braceli‘s many colorful images. If you love vibrant products and ’80s tidbits, be sure to check out this Tumblr:

An irresistibly colorful design image from Tumblr Braceli

Next, we get a dose of neon, thanks to Electri-cute. Candy colors, modern products and nostalgia reign on this Tumblr that celebrates delicious images old and new.

Neon lights from the Tumblr Electri-cute

So you probably had some type of electronic appliance covered in ice cream hues if you were a child of the ’80s. Thanks to Milk Lotus for bringing the magic back:

An ’80s record player and stereo

Got sticks and cubes? So does Tumblr Dear Gene Kelly, which regularly spotlights Memphis-Milano design, as well as other vivid modern marvels.

Colorful artwork from Tumblr Dear Gene Kelly

We end with a screen shot from Colorflip.com, a site which is frequently highlighted on our very own Mirror80 Tumblr.

An image from Colorflip.com

Want to brag about your Tumblr? Leave us a comment with a link! Have a colorful Monday!



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    Check out this great 1980s blog I’ve found, there’s a great list of the top 10 80s films. It reminds me of being a kid!

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