Spotlight: Il Giardino Luxor

Il Giardino Luxor

A vintage Pearl Essence eraser from Il Giardino Luxor

Today we spotlight the celebration of 1980s design that is Etsy shop Il Giardino Luxor! If you are an ’80s enthusiast in search of mind-blowing graphic design and candy-colored school supplies that look good enough to eat, you’ve found your treasure stash! In addition to favorites like glittery erasers and stylish notebooks, there’s a dash of the unexpected, from rare ’80s Deco artwork to cutting edge pencil cases that could double as clutches.

Il Giardino Luxor shop owners Poppy, Cath and Helena curate the finest in ’80s swag. Take the 80s Vintage Pearl Essence Eraser shown above. It even has a mirror! Below you’ll find an assortment of goodies that are the ultimate in collectible treats:

Il Giardino Luxor

An assortment of treasures from Etsy shop Il Giardino Luxor

Il Giardino Luxor goodies above are (from the top left, then clockwise): An ’80s Vintage Heart-Shaped Brooch, a love-themed Fantastic 80s Vintage Postcard, an Amazing 80s Vintage Three-Line Pencil Case, an Amazing 80s Vintage Turquoise Name Tag, a heart-themed Fantastic 80s Vintage Postcard, and an 80s Vintage Plastic Fluo Pencil Case with yellow edging.

It’s official–I’m starting a collection of ’80s merchandise that showcases the decade’s design highlights! My inspiration is Il Giardino Luxor, who I want to acknowledge for making today’s blog post possible. Thank you for bringing back that giddy feeling of waiting in line at the school store in hopes of purchasing the latest in pastel pencils and erasers. And for reminding me of the anticipation of opening a grab bag purchased at my favorite ’80s tween store, eager to see what stickers and shiny school supplies awaited me…

A little happy for your Monday!


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