’80s Color Themes

80s Fashion by Ir

Kuler theme: 80s Fashion by Ir

If you haven’t been introduced to the color theme website Kuler, today is your lucky day! Are you looking for that perfect combination of hues for your redecorating project? Perhaps you need a new motif for your website? Visit Kuler, and peruse the many unique color themes created by users. Today our mission was to find a handful of ’80s color combos that took us by surprise. We hope you love the results as much as we do!

To begin we typed “80s” in the search box. Among the 400 selections was the theme you see above: 80s Fashion by Ir. We love this subdued take on teal and mauve. Note: To navigate the Kuler site, click on the paint strip-sized sample at the top of the page to convert the image to full screen. Finished browsing? Click on the image again, and the user-friendly screen returns.

Next we have 80’s Eyeshadow by Jo.Spargo. Could this theme have a more perfect title? We think not:

80's Eyeshadow by Jo.Spargo

Kuler theme: 80's Eyeshadow by Jo.Spargo


Is there a pony in the house? Because all we see when we look at this next sample is a white My Little Pony with multicolored hair. Turn up the vibrancy dial and experience the magic of Pony Club by Matt:

Pony Club by Matt

Kuler theme: Pony Club by Matt


We’ll now head to a place of peace and pizazz–the living room of The Golden Girls! We think the creator of this next theme drew inspiration from the palette of the Girls’ tropical dwelling, possibly their sofa. Enjoy Estelle Getty by bwestbury:

Estelle Getty by bwestbury

Kuler theme: Estelle Getty by bwestbury


We now finish by celebrating the power of a gradient. Looking for a way to add a modern touch with a row of throw pillows? Go for the subtle beauty of color that becomes more saturated with each new piece. We love the interest created by this next theme, 80s Rock by rockart_21:

80s Rock by rockart_21

Kuler theme: 80s Rock by rockart_21


We hope your Wednesday has a dose of unexpected color, or shall we say, Kuler…


  1. val88 says

    hey im trying to redesign my room but i dont kno what colors to use and of course its a 80s theme …any ideas?

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